Timelapse: Sunset over Yangshuo, China

Sunset in Yangshuo

The scenery around the Li river between Guilin and Yangshuo is famous for its outstanding beauty. The river wends its twisted way through flat valleys, moulded into its sinuous shape by the impenetrable strength of the towering Karst peaks. The skyline is jagged and extreme. The mountains are covered in dense greenery, but it is their distinctive, almost predatory shape that holds the eye. They are like huge incisors, thrusting up into the blue sky. They surround the town of Yangshuo, visible even from the busiest of streets. The mountains stand, still and solid, as the sky behind them shifts and changes. The clouds dance past, the weather paints colours across the sky, and the sun rises and sets. And yet the stillness of the mountains is innately peaceful. They have been there for centuries, and in centuries still to come, when we are all gone, they will stand still. The sun will rise and the sun will set on these peaks long after we are forgotten.

This timelapse video was taken from the terrace of our hotel looking down the mountain and towards the river.

Words copyright of Bonnie Radcliffe.

Peaceful timelapse copyright of Liam McCarthy.