Timelapse: Lighting up the Bund

The magnificent skyline of the Bund is world famous. On one side you are surrounded by the colonial history of the past, with big imposing buildings and a clock tower not unlike big ben, this side of the river is an imposing remnant of Shanghai’s past. On the opposite bank quite the opposite is evident. Here the bustling financial district forces its power on the skyline with endless rows of towering office buildings. Each new building reaches higher than the next, and each one competes with its neighbour by means of flashing displays of neon lights. Strolling along as dusk gathers itself up, preparing to immerse the colonial buildings and glass towers alike in blackness, you can feel the energy of an ever-expanding nation quite literally pushing upwards. The Hangpu river runs between us and the concrete mountains, carrying boats of all shapes and sizes and reflecting the manmade panorama that is flipped on its head in the shimmering water. Chunky cruise ships festooned with lights flash by, their bulky edges picked out by strings of coloured bulbs. Long flat cargo vessels skulk past in darkness, almost passing by under the radar in contrast to the flashing, floating pleasure palaces. As darkness gathers the lights begin to come on, fairy lights adorning the sky in every shape, size and colour, running upwards for impossible distances, glowing proudly into the night.

Beautiful time lapse copyright of Liam McCarthy.