Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Discover the breathtaking Jiuzhaigou National Park

This is the story of the national park of Jiuzhaigou – the valley of the nine villages. Many years ago, in a time of myth and legend, mystery and magic, when gods and demons still… Continue reading

Visit the water world of Zhouzhuang, China

The green waters in endless canals encircling and entwining the small town of Zhouzhuang have made this traditional water town into something of a tourist trap. Being the closest water town to Shanghai it… Continue reading

Timelapse: Lighting up the Bund

The magnificent skyline of the Bund is world famous. On one side you are surrounded by the colonial history of the past, with big imposing buildings and a clock tower not unlike big ben,… Continue reading

What to do in Shanghai

Shanghai: a name that conjures images of sky scrapers and neon lights. Full of people, offices and traffic jams, it is a throbbing financial artery of a city. And as we touch down… Continue reading

The must-see Terracotta Warriors of Xi-An, China

Wet. Very wet. Incessant torrents pouring from the sky, a grey downpour of drops bouncing up off the pavement with a vengeance, splattering ankles and soaking shoes. Shiny pavements and sodden road surfaces,… Continue reading