Video: Bouncing through Burma on a Sleeper train

One of the bumpiest, noisiest most fascinating journeys I’ve ever taken. It was so bouncy that only a little of the footage was useable. Enjoy! Video by Liam McCarthy

The sleeper train you can’t miss

I used to think trains rolled. Maybe chugged. Sometimes even glided. It wasn’t until I boarded a train in Myanmar that I would ever have used the word “bounce”. But that is the… Continue reading

5 unexpected things to do in Yangon

After you’ve strolled through the forgotten colonial streets and you’ve marvelled at the towering stupas of the Shwedagon pagoda, once you’ve trawled through temples and street markets and maybe done a day trip… Continue reading

The number one attraction in Yangon, Myanmar

The Shwedagon Pagoda is firmly at the top of all tourist lists. It dominates the skyline with its huge complex of skyward stretching stupas decorated in gold and white. There are four entrances,… Continue reading

The daytrip you MUST do from Yangon

The ferry to Dalah is an experience in itself. There is a huge iron waiting hall, crammed with impatient passengers jostling at the gates. We buy our tickets from a man in a back… Continue reading

Witness crumbling Colonialism in Myanmar

Crumbling colonial buildings, a proud remnant of Myanmar’s years as a British colony, compound the streets of downtown Yangon. It is said that this city offers the greatest number of remaining Colonial buildings… Continue reading

The best view in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s best kept secret

The Sai Kung peninsula is the most remote tip of the islands that form Hong Kong. Covered in forestland and moulded of steep mountains protecting forgotten crystal beaches, the wilderness of the national… Continue reading

Visit the Pink Dolphins of Hong Kong

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How to hike the “Dragon’s Back” in Hong Kong

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